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Hora Eclipse 2 Kochavim Team:  Larry Denenberg, Karen Kaplan, Dee Jacobson, Teresa Pomerantz, Ariela Shargal, Linda Kahalnik, Raphi Sonsino, Bennett Robinson, Becky Schenker, April Grunspan and Harriette Leibovitz.

Hora Eclipse 2, Kochavim 2024, and a Total Solar Eclipse!

Join us for Hora Eclipse2 and Kochavim - HEK2024, April 5-8, 2024 in Bruceville, Texas!

HEK2024 brings two Israeli dance camps together… Hora Eclipse 2 AND Kochavim … plus the best viewing potential for a total eclipse of the sun! It doesn’t get much better than that!  


As many of you know, Kochavim is an annual Israeli dance camp that takes place in Texas. Everyone who has ever gone to Kochavim says it’s about as friendly a camp as you can find - and always with a great staff!  Hora Eclipse is a dance camp run by Eclipse nerds who are also Israeli dance addicts. It takes place whenever and wherever there’s a total solar eclipse in an accessible place! (The last in-person Hora Eclipse was in 2017 in St Louis, and virtual Hora Eclipse 1.5v took place, well virtually, in Chile and Argentina.)


With HEK2024, you’ll get the best of both camps in one great experience! With our terrific team of teachers - Yaron Carmel, Mitch Ginsburch and Yaron Malihi - you can be sure you’ll get magical days and nights of dance workshops and parties … plus a lot of fun along the sidelines! Three days and nights of dancing, all culminating in a total solar eclipse on Monday April 8th in the early afternoon. 

In addition to all the dancing you’ll do during HEK2024, we’ll have opportunities for you to learn about eclipses and how to truly see and feel all the cool things that happen during a total solar eclipse. (That’s right, you can actually FEEL it.)

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