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URJ Greene Family Camp

We’ve found the best location for HEK2024! 


Little did the creators of Greene Family Camp (GFC) know when they built their camp many years ago, that it would be located in just about the perfect spot on Earth to view the 2024 total solar eclipse! GFC is located smack in the center line of totality, and has the best chance for clear skies as almost anywhere in the USA - super important for great Eclipse viewing! 


GFC is a kids camp in the summer and opens its doors to outside events the rest of the year. They offer kosher-style meals, basic (but comfortable) accommodations (read more about accommodation choices in Accommodations section - or link to it), swimming, zip-lining and other activities, plus (as Mary Poppins used to say), a dance hall that is “practically perfect in every way!”  We’ll be centering our dancing in GFC’s new Performing Arts Center, equipped with a large sprung-wood floor - ideal for dancers doing more hours of dancing each day than seems humanly possible.  

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