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When should I make my travel plans for HEK2024?

Yesterday! :-) There will be tens of thousands of people from all over the world descending on our part of Texas to see the eclipse. That means planes, trains and automobiles will be in short supply. Make your arrangements as early as possible to get the best deals. 

Also, be aware that all those people mean that there will likely be a lot of traffic Monday after the eclipse ends. Plan your travel time accordingly. For those interested, you have the option to stay one extra night at GFC (see our Pricing and Accommodation page for details).

When does camp start?
What's the schedule?

You can arrive and check-in anytime after 2:00PM on Friday, April 5… first dancing session starts at 4:00PM. Camp ends on Monday, April 8 after the climax of the eclipse is over, at around 2:00PM. (The climax is totality - which happens around 1:38PM - so make sure your plans are such that you do not leave before then!!!)


A detailed schedule will be posted and sent to all attendees a few weeks before camp.


Should I register on the Hora Eclipse or Kochavim website?

You can register on either site (here or there) - both get you to the same registration page and get you the exact same wonderful dance camp and eclipse experience!

What should
I bring?

Of course, bring the standard dance camp stuff… but remember that this is not a hotel (so no hair dryers or toiletries are included) and you’ll be walking back and forth from your room to the dining and dance halls. 

Packing List:

  • toiletries (soap/bodywash, shampoo, toothbrush/paste, deodorant)

  • dance shoes PLUS shoes to walk to/from the dance floor (no outdoor shoes on the dance floor please—we want to keep it clean)!

  • umbrella to make sure it won’t rain

  • swimsuit and suntan lotion

  • medications you need

  • bug spray/lotion

  • your new HEK2024 T-shirt (link to ordering form)

  • a bright t-shirt in one of these colors: yellow, orange, red, black.

  • something white for shabbat dinner

  • “cowboy” attire (boots, hat…)

  • light jacket or sweatshirt—temperatures in April can be cool at night (upper 50s) 

  • lots of clothes and other things that make you happy when you dance!

Why Texas?

Although the path of this eclipse includes other locations, like Cleveland and Pittsburgh, you can see the eclipse only when the weather permits; clouds are deadly! Our Texas location combines the longest eclipse duration with the best weather prospects in the USA.

What's the COVID policy?

Each attendee must perform a COVID home test on Friday morning, April 5 before heading to camp.  We'll ask you to show proof of a negative test (a photo of the actual test stick) when you check-in.  This policy may be updated pending changes to local or federal guidance and requirements.

What if I have questions?

Send your questions to and you'll get answers!

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