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Meet the Markidim

Our talented team of instructors are preparing their selections for Kochavim 2023.  It is sure to be a great collection of dances. 


Ken Avner


Ken began his involvement with Israeli dance in 1975 at the insistence of his sister and hasn't stopped since.  Today he is active in every aspect of Israeli dance: teaching, performing, technical and audio production, choreographing, and working with several majore Israel dance workshops and Festivals.  Ken has been on the staff of the Kochavim workshop since its founding.  Ken's enthusiasm and love of dance combine with his skills as dancer, teacher, performer, and "markid" to make dancing welcoming and fun for everyone.

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Ariane Butel


Ariane has been dancing since she was 10 years old.  After 20 years of dancing she began leading her session in Paris. In 2017 she created her first dance, Chelek Mehazman and has continued to choreograph an additonal 10 dances.  She has been a major force in keeping Israeli dance alive during Covid when she kept us dancing and learning.

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Mitch Ginsburgh


Mitch started dancing in Chicago with Phil Moss and Penny Brichta. He became part of the Kochavim family in 2007 and has a special love for the camp’s waterslides and bluebonnets. In addition to classics and challenging dances, Mitch also shares his own choreography, such as Hagaon MiVilna, Öp, Kama Yafim, Vilner Gaon, and Mangina She’Lo Chozeret.

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Ohad Atia


Ohad is a high-energy dancer, choreographer, and wonderful teacher.  He has created many beloved dances like Perach Ba'Aviv, Mini Kolech Mibechi, Perach Bashmama, Rikud Hashvatim, Zohar, Ha'taam Shenishar and many others.  His dances Simanim Shel Ohavim and Dvarim Yafim Lirot placed 2nd and 3rd in Karmiel 2010 and 2013.  Many of you know him from his appearances at U.S. camps, including Kochavim, Rikud, Rikkudiah, Yad Be'Yad, B'Yachad, Chagiga, Nirkoda Ba'Kerem and more.  Today, he lives in Redmond, Washington with his wife and 3 kids, all dancers of course.

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Our talented team of instructors have prepared a great selection of dances!  We look forward to learning!

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